A Haunting Cinematic
Instrument for KONTAKT


Spine chilling sounds, perfect for horror thrillers...

Loaded with an expansive range of unique sounds and textures to meet the demands of today’s most forward-thinking film, tv, trailer, and game composers, DENSITY gives you the distinctive edge necessary to set you apart.
From attention-getting Braams, violent Booms and Hits, to otherworldly pads, drones, and gritty FX, DENSITY is certain to send a shiver down anyone’s spine.

Some Recent Reviews...

"A superb set of sounds geared at those working in media composition or producers looking to turn up the tension. 9/10"
The world's leading magazine at the intersection of music and technology.
"Density by Mammoth Audio is the perfect experimental toolkit for telling stories of fear, isolation, and uncertainty through music."
The world's leading magazine at the intersection of music and technology.

With DENSITY You Can...

DENSITY allows you to spend less time searching for the perfect sound, and spend more time creating it.

Hear DENSITY for Kontakt In Action

A Library Of 1500 One-Shots Offer Unlimited Possibilities

This arsenal of sounds goes well beyond the typical and generic braaams and hits.  Each one was carefully chosen to give you just the right amount of edge for both thriller and horror compositions. 

Three Fully Playable Instruments For More Realistic And Human-Sounding Productions

Each playable instrument goes deep with articulations, for the most human feel possible. Recorded with up to 7 Round Robins and 4 Dynamic Layers for incredible realism, while maintaining CPU efficiency.

Rare One-of-a-Kind Cello

As composers, we knew it was vital to include the cello. Elephant Music is known for its signature experimental cello cues, giving us our unique voice in the industry, recorded in the style of Richard Schrieber. Featuring untraditional articulations, such as strumming with a $10 bill, or using wire instead of a bow.

Unique Blend of Tubas, Trombones, French Horns and more...

A solo brass instrument like a Tuba or trombone is a sound designer’s dream. We captured the raw sound of the instrument in a way that carefully balances its distinct character, while still allowing composers to manipulate it to their own ends. The unique nature of a physically blown instrument creates some incredibly varied and interesting noises, that are ESPECIALLY useful when creating Braams

Throat Singer

No other competitor has been bold enough to include something as less-obvious than Throat Singing. And it has been a highlight for many of our composers. We decided to feature it as a fully playable instrument so composers could completely freestyle with articulations in order to create other-worldly sounding impacts and pads.

Meticulously Engineered By 6 Of The Most In-Demand Composers In The World Today.

DENSITY covers the gamut of intangible scoring elements that every up-and-coming creator should have in their toolkit

Each one-shot and instrument was crafted and curated to work together to free composers from the trappings of tradition, and instead allow them to boldly carve out their own sonic signatures.

DENSITY is a creative tool designed by the people behind some of the biggest movie trailers in the world. So you know you’ll have every sound you need to get the projects done fast and easy, every time. Some of their credits include:

See DENSITY for Kontakt In Action

A Practical User Interface Designed BY Composers, FOR Composers

The core of DENSITY is focused around the user experience, providing the freedom to infinitely mix, manipulate, and even transform samples into awesome twisted, evolving instruments.

With so many “all encompassing” virtual music instruments on the market, sifting through thousands of buttons and sliders disrupts the creative process. That’s why we made sure that only the most important controls (like ADSR) were upfront and prominent, in order to reduce overwhelm.

Here Are The Features That Make DENSITY So Powerful

Quick Scroll for Fast & Easy Sound Access

Choose and load sounds quickly so you spend less time searching and more time creating.

Easy to Use Intuitive GUI

Enjoy a user experience with the freedom to easily mix, manipulate, and even transform samples

Large Loop Library

Wnder a tight deadline? Loops can often spark the perfect amount of inspiration.

CPU Efficient Dual Engine Playability

Explore 2 separate combinational sections for unlimited sonic possibilities.

Individual Channel and Master FX Processing Chains

Sculpt your sounds with precision and control.

Customizable Macro System

Map any MIDI controller to the DENSITY engine for realtime control.

What The Pros Are Saying...

Tech Specs

Software Type Virtual Instrument
Platform Mac, PC
Format KONTAKT (Premium Required)


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